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The New Mexico Prosperity Project is a nonpartisan voter education organization, oriented toward providing information that will help promote more free enterprise prosperity in New Mexico. We provide information to help people learn how, when and where to register, to “early vote,” and to vote – and information on key public policy issues affecting the free enterprise economy. Tabs above and below provide lots of information to help in that process, as well as to provide information regarding current issues facing New Mexico.



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Early skirmishes in fight to control N.M. Legislature
Part Three: Additional key state senate primaries

May 19, 2016
By Carroll Cagle

A rare four-Republican competition with no incumbent

Over the years, it often has been hard for the Republican party to find someone in their party to run for legislative seats in this state so long dominated by Democrats who sometimes seem to win merely by having a “D” after their name.

That is not the case this year in senate district 19, which stretches eastward from the Four Hills area in Albuquerque, over to the east side of the Sandia Mountains to pick up Sandia Park and Cedar Crest, and then all the way to the eastern plains through Edgewood to Clines Corners.

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