Our future success as individuals, families, communities, and businesses depends on the involvement of everyone. It is only by working together on the issues listed below that we can bring back the shared prosperity and opportunity that comes with a strong economy and free market system. 
It’s Your Country. Your Future. Your Voice.

Debt and Deficit
Every day, individuals, businesses, and state and local governments are required to make hard decisions regarding the management of their finances. Our federal government should begin to do the same. It is time for this nation to enact the spending and tax reforms necessary to stabilize our country’s debt, stimulate growth, and revive our economy.  
Taxes and Regulation
To support economic growth for individuals and businesses of all sizes, we need a simple, fair and more competitive tax code and regulatory system that fosters rather than inhibits innovation. As the health care law is put in place, it should remain flexible for employees and employers and focus on providing affordable, quality care. 
Powering America’s future while maintaining and preserving natural resources will require increased efficiency, strong infrastructure, and an “all of the above” energy mix, including oil, gas, coal, nuclear, and renewable energy.

Jobs and the Workplace
Having the right skill set is necessary for finding and holding the right job. Strong schools, workforce training programs, and balanced labor policies encourage lifelong learning and help employees become productive participants in the workplace and in the growth of business. 

America in the World
We are intricately tied to other countries through family, traditions, and business. We need immigration reform and trade policies that support these ties and lead us back to prosperity with the talented workers and open, fair markets we need to succeed.  

Reliable Infrastructure
Infrastructure is the lynchpin of our daily lives and essential for an economy to thrive – from the roads, railways, waterways, and aviation systems that move people and freight to the telecommunications structures that make communications possible.   

Agriculture and Food
America’s variety of food and beverages is as diverse as our population itself.  Agricultural and nutritional policies should promote affordable food and beverages that recognize an individual’s right to make his or her own choices. 

Remember it’s your country, your future, your voice.

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