The New Mexico Prosperity Project (NMP2) is built on the belief that when employees are informed and active in government and elections, our families, our communities, and our state will benefit. NMP2 believes that New Mexico works best when its citizens cast informed votes. Information is presented in a bi-partisan fashion and is delivered via a web-based communication program. Employees receive customized information about the policies and people impacting their jobs and industry. By becoming part of the New Mexico Prosperity Project, you are providing valuable tools and information to your community. 

While elections have a major impact on the bottom line of every business, voters are often forced to make decisions based on limited information and attack ads. News coverage tends not to address how outcomes will impact competitiveness, job security, and our future prosperity. Other groups with narrowly defined interests are becoming more adept at using technology to spread their messages to potential voters. It is critical to educate your employees and associates on how elections affect their prosperity, and to motivate them to take action to protect their future.


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